Colour Shaper Silicone Tool

Colour Shaper Silicone Tool



The Colour Shaper by Artisan Enhancements works great for any sort of art media - oil paints, clay, masking fluid - whatever you can think of - but they excel at making the application of thicker mediums quick and easy. The flexible silicone tip of the Colour Shaper provides a precise yet forgiving edge.The tip will not absorb any material, and so it is great for applying, removing, scraping and moving colour or media.

When you want to achieved a raised stencil look, it is the best tool to use because it gives you a perfect combination of control and fluidity when using Artisan Enhancements decorative mediums such as VP Antico, Fine Stone and Pearl Plaster. It won't thin your product too much or force it under your stencil like a trowel or putty knife will.

Used alone or together with your existing tools, a Colour Shaper will give you the opportunity to develop new and exciting effects.

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