J’Adorn In The News

OurHomes Magazine, Summer 2017 Issue: “People” feature on J’Adorn (pdf)
Diverse Expertise

OurHomes Magazine, Fall 2016 Issue: Two-page feature on J’Adorn (pdf)
Amour Decor

Kincardine Record, Nov. 16, 2016
Christmas Tour of Homes raises almost $10,000 for Kincardine hospital

Marketplace Magazine – October 2016
J’Adorn now on

Kincardine News, Jan. 4, 2015
Kincardine and Hanover’s J’Adorn recognized as ‘National Retailer of Distinction’

Kincardine Record, Dec. 24, 2015
Toronto couple congratulates J’Adorn on national award

Kincardine Record, Dec. 22, 2015
J’Adorn wins Retailer of Distinction award from Canadian Gift Association

Kincardine Record, May 8, 2015
J’Adorn opens Hanover store; has wonderful new items in both locations

Kincardine Times, Dec. 5, 2014
Generous community helping Kincardine Food Bank meet ever-increasing need

Kincardine Times, Nov. 29, 2014
Good crowd attends Ladies Night Out in downtown Kincardine

OurHomes Magazine, Summer 2012 Issue: Two-page feature on J’Adorn (pdf)
Beautify Your Life

OurHomes Magazine, Spring 2011 Issue: A peek inside Corinne’s home
From Europe with Love

Kincardine Times, Nov. 24, 2014
J’Adorn hosting AnnieSloanLate event at store in downtown Kincardine

Marketplace Magazine – November 2014
Christmas fun and excitement with J’Adorn

Kincardine Times, July 25, 2014
J’Adorn hosting workshops on how to work with Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan

Marketplace Magazine – July 2014
Summer Fun at J’Adorn

Marketplace Magazine – April 2014
J’Adorn now a Stockist for Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan

Kincardine Times, April 7, 2014
J’Adorn launches new Chalk Paint™ line by Annie Sloan

Kincardine Times, April 1, 2014
J’Adorn unveils new product, Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan

Kincardine Times, March 19, 2014
Get ready for spring with help from J’Adorn in downtown Kincardine (feature with video)

Kincardine Times, Jan. 16, 2013
Cozy pajamas, gloves, slippers and more available at J’Adorn in downtown Kincardine

Marketplace Magazine – January 2014
Let J’Adorn help you keep your resolutions

Kincardine Times, Dec. 28, 2013
J’Adorn has roof cleared of snow for safety of customers and public

Kincardine Times, Dec. 12, 2013
Unique and Wonderful Christmas Gift Ideas at J’Adorn in Downtown Kincardine

Kincardine Times, Dec. 2, 2013
Crowd braves cold and snow for Ladies’ Night in downtown Kincardine

Marketplace Magazine – December 2013
Satiate your senses with help from J’Adorn

Marketplace Magazine – November 2013
J’Adorn: From Paris with Love

Kincardine Times, Nov. 2, 2013
Houses bedecked for Ripley Christmas Tour of Homes

Kincardine Times, Oct. 27, 2013
Gorgeous new items from Europe now available at J’Adorn

Kincardine Times, Oct.23, 2013
J’Adorn adds some curb appeal in downtown Kincardine

Marketplace Magazine – October 2013
More treasures than ever at J’Adorn

Kincardine Times, Aug. 30, 2013
Sprucing up the J’Adorn building in downtown Kincardine

Marketplace Magazine – August 2013
August Ooh-la-lah for little moo-la-lah

Kincardine Times, July 10, 2013
J’Adorn selling CDs, concert tickets for famous harpist Caroline Léonardelli

Marketplace Magazine – July 2013
Savour Sunny Days at J’Adorn

Kincardine Times, June 2013
New items for Father’s Day and for summer fun, now at J’Adorn

Marketplace Magazine – June 2013
Delight Dad with a gift from J’Adorn

Marketplace Magazine – May 2013
Mother’s Day, Magic and More at J’Adorn

Marketplace Magazine – April 2013
Light up your home with gorgeous treasures from J’Adorn

Kincardine Times, April 2013
J’Adorn owner shifts focus to her boutique in downtown Kincardine

Kincardine Times, March 2013
Come in and see the new items at J’Adorn, to add beauty to your home, your self, your life

Marketplace Magazine – March 2013
Spend time browsing J’Adorn and be whisked away from the everyday

Marketplace Magazine – February 2013
Enjoy the perfect Valentine’s Day and Family Day with J’Adorn

Kincardine Times, January 13, 2013
Make ‘scents’ of fragrance at J’Adorn’s new custom perfume bar

Marketplace Magazine – January 2013
J’Adorn keeps you cozy and warm from winter’s cold

Marketplace Magazine – December 2012
Christmas with style and elegance awaits at J’Adorn

Marketplace Magazine – November 2012
Breathtaking new arrivals to warm your heart at J’Adorn

Kincardine Times, October 14, 2012
Many beautiful items available at J’Adorn and more European pieces set to arrive

Marketplace Magazine – October 2012
Consider J’Adorn Kincardine’s treasure chest of the unique and beautiful

Marketplace Magazine – September 2012
Exciting things to come at Kincardine’s beloved J’Adorn

Marketplace Magazine – August 2012
Refresh yourself in the Perfumerie at J’Adorn

Marketplace Magazine – July 2012
Spend some time in another world at J’Adorn

Kincardine Times, July 2012
Kincardine Hosts Drama League Minifest, Featuring Local Play

The Kincardine Times – July 1, 2012
J’Adorn features beautiful new items, longer summer hours

Marketplace Magazine – June 2012
Summer has arrived in incredible style at J’Adorn

Marketplace Magazine – May 2012
A girl can have it all at J’Adorn

Marketplace Magazine – April 2012
The new J’Adorn: No end to delights for the senses

Marketplace Magazine – March 2012
J’Adorn has changed locations, but is still in the heart of Europe

The Kincardine Times – March 20, 2012
J’Adorn has moved across the street

Marketplace Magazine – February 2012
Romance her the right way – with gifts from J’Adorn

Marketplace Magazine – January 2012
Store it in style with endless options at J’Adorn

Marketplace Magazine – December 2011
Celebrate the holidays in luxurious style with selections from J’Adorn

The Kincardine Times – Nov. 10, 2011
J’Adorn has beautiful items for Christmas gifts and home decor

Marketplace Magazine – November 2011
Christmas in elegant style with gifts and home décor from J’Adorn

Marketplace Magazine – October 2011
Welcome autumn in European style at J’Adorn

Marketplace Magazine – September 2011
Fabulous new items arriving weekly at J’Adorn

Marketplace Magazine – August 2011
Well-travelled Canadian author visiting J’Adorn

The Kincardine Times – July 31, 2011
Summer Street Market & Author Reading at J’Adorn

The Kincardine Times – July 12, 2011
J’Adorn hosting Toronto journalist and author for book-reading July 31

The Kincardine Times – April 20, 2011
Welcome Spring: Beautiful Easter Items at J’Adorn

Marketplace Magazine – March 2011
Exclusive items from Paris, only at J’Adorn (.pdf file)

Marketplace Magazine – February 2011
Valentines from the city of romance at J’Adorn

The Kincardine Times – January 18, 2011
Beautiful and unique items now available at J’Adorn

Marketplace Magazine – January 2011
New fabulous creations in store at every turn in J’Adorn

The Kincardine Times – November 16, 2010
“Creative Diva” coming to do workshop at J’Adorn in downtown Kincardine

The Kincardine Times – November 14, 2010
Crowd fills the rafters for Christmas Tour of Homes

Marketplace Magazine – November 2010
Pamper yourself with soaps exclusive to J’Adorn

The Kincardine Times – October 11, 2010
J’Adorn owners impressed with suppliers in Europe

Marketplace Magazine – October 2010
J’Adorn bringing inspiration home from Paris

Marketplace Magazine – September 2010
From Paris to Kincardine, with love

The Kincardine Times – August 7, 2010
J’Adorn hosts grand opening

Marketplace Magazine – August 2010
Join J’Adorn for grand opening

The Kincardine Times – July 8, 2010
J’Adorn hosts chamber Business After Hours

Marketplace Magazine – May 2010
Discover the ambience of Europe at J’Adorn

The Kincardine Times – May 1, 2010
New shop opens in downtown Kincardine

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